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Tomorrow Is Powering The Next Generation Of Enterprise BI

Our platform delivers the full spectrum of AI outcomes. By synthesizing information and giving you alerts in real time, we uncover what you need to know and what you need to do.


Avail performance awareness anytime, anywhere


Know the most likely outcome ahead of time


Get time relevant recommendations


Get notified on what’s most important


Get alerted on potential pitfalls to avoid

The Data Transformation Process

The Tomorrow analytics engine integrates with best-in-class technology to generate the right data and uses mature machine learning models to continually provide you the most relevant predictions and prescriptions as you execute your people agenda.
The platform uses a 5-step process to aggregate data and deliver insights.

Predict. Prescribe. Prevail.

Understand how the Tomorrow platform, uses your data to deliver insights that translate into positive business outcomes.
Data Modeling: Predictive and Prescriptive Talent Analytics

Get The Right Answers To Your Biggest Questions

Tomorrow helps you answer the questions you want to ask, rather than questioning the data you have.

For example, as a people manager we empower you with answers on:

What’s happening now?

1. What is my current workforce capacity?
2. What are the roles assigned to people?
3. Are people performing and meeting their goals?
4. Do people have the skills and abilities that we need?
5. How many have people progressed to higher / different levels of responsibility?
6. What is people’s experience with work, the workplace and with the workforce they are part of?

What can I expect to happen?

1. Given shifting demographic trends, will there be a change in capacity, and if so, when?
2. With change in process, service and technology design, how will roles evolve?
3. With changing business aspirations, will the contributions of people enable us to deliver the desired business outcomes?
4. What are the changes needed in the collective skill architecture, to meet changing client demand?
5. What will be the impact on cost of the collective pyramid as people rotate, transition and/or progress to new roles?
6. Which people are at retention risk, given the quality of experience they are having and if so, what can be done to mitigate this?

What do I need to know?

1. How many people do I need to buy, borrow, build, boost or bounce?
2. How should I change the employee value promise, given changing organization design and roles in the market we operate in?
3. What is the corrective action I need to ensure taken, at pace, when collective or individual variance in performance is projected?
4. What are the skills that I need to re-skill, up-skill, cross-skill people with?
5. Have I deployed the right person, with the right skills and the right potential in the right role to maximize impact?
6. What is distinctive about the experience I need to offer to enhance passion, performance and productivity?

What are the recommendations I need?

1. What changes in preferred sources of talent and/or selection process of candidate will help me hire faster?
2. Which person needs to be deployed to the key roles identified by me?
3. What are the resources that I need to invest in for people to perform better?
4. Do I have the right learning assets and media being made accessible and available to the right people?
5. Who are the best people who can assume more complex responsibility?
6. What is action I need to take with each individual to enhance their commitment and have them say, stay and strive more positively?

Data That Drives Real Business Outcomes

The InsightsTomorrow platform ensures integrity in data monitoring, transformation, science, business intelligence technology, impact and monetization leads to outcome assurance.

This experience ensures data can be used to:

Power mature algorithm’s which can do contextual analysis and identify the best talent to join and be deployed

Be a leading performance indicator towards achieving enterprise goals and accelerate actions to acquire capability as well as enhance collaboration and contribution

Project hypothetical scenarios using the data available, and influence decisions on the interventions and strategies that work best to multiply passion, proficiency, performance and productivity

Send data-driven recommendations to business leaders, giving them an accurate, at-a-glance view of what is happening, what can they expect to happen, what they need to know and what they may wish to do



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