How Do We Do It?

Tomorrow is a next-generation people analytics platform for enterprises that translates people practices data into better decisions that deliver outcomes.

By transforming information into meaningful insight, we empower you with relevant and result-oriented recommendations that drive action.

Here’s How It  Works

Extract, Transform & Load Information from All HR Systems

Effortlessly aggregate & standardize information from all your applications that capture data which impact your people, via web services, SFTP or direct integration

Augment People Insights with AI-Powered Analytics Engines

Use real-time descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical models that track 200+ industry benchmarks which impact your people

Translate Insights Into Recommendations for Action

Communicate clear, action-oriented recommendations and make them accessible on user friendly interfaces that are designed for all devices and platforms

Upgrade the Capacity and Abilities of Your Entire Team Using Features that Make Your People Happy!

The 5 core modules of Tomorrow help you bring brighter, smarter experiences to every division of your HR department.


  • Intelligent and automated talent sourcing and screening
  • In-Depth relational & contextual analysis
  • Talent demand and supply research Workforce planning and optimization


  • Role profiling
  • Competency/Skill architecture management
  • Career transition recommendations


  • Individual skill Assessment
  • Learning roadmaps
  • Customized training programs


  • Corporate KPIs seamlessly linked to operational and individual performance metrics
  • Contextualized individual actionable insights
  • Corrective action to accelerate collective collaborative action


  • Personalize learning need identification
  • Proficiency progression measurements
  • Assessments using practical application

How Can Your Platform Subscription Help You?

Describe & Diagnose: InsightsToday

Ensures data quality and visualizes results vs enterprise/function KPIs across teams and individuals, and with competitive intelligence of 200+ industry benchmarks impacting your people.

Predict & Prescribe: InsightsTomorrow

Use predefined/tailored predictive and prescriptive analytical models to translate information into insight that augments decisions with recommendations based on real-time evidence.

Augment Analytics

Aggregate and standardize data from all your workplace applications via web services, SFTP or direct integration - making clear, visual, action-oriented recommendations, accessible, available and affordable to all.

Join & Deploy

Enable talent acquisition, staffing experts and hiring managers to find the right people, at the right time, with the right skill, in the right place, at the right cost - using next generation technology combined with process and service capability.

Perform & Grow

Create a connected enterprise platform, tying collective and individual results to corporate KPIs and operational metrics, powered by contextualized, actionable recommendations, that encourages collaboration or corrective action and directs learning to the right assets.

Engage & Retain

Empower people to effortlessly connect with expertise and assess their skills in their current or aspired roles, access learning assets and avail of opportunities to grow their experience and their ability to impact the enterprise.

Do You Have Access To The People Capital Index?

Compare Your Results to Your Target Market Group

The People Capital Index is a comprehensive benchmarking platform, that gives you access to process and performance metrics related to your people and HR agenda, based on extensive primary and secondary research with leading organizations.

Learn from the experience of over 100 HR leaders across BFSI, IT, Software products and other industries
Build HR operating models that impact your business outcomes
Ensure that your people agenda drives productivity and growth

Discover How Progressive Enterprises Use Tomorrow to Engage, Enable & Empower



Significantly increased efficiency and effectiveness of recruiters and reduced hiring lead times, by improving candidate funnel quality and cutting costs by up to 35% – to enable Singapore’s largest telecom operator to grow their business and add next generation capabilities at pace.



At a pioneering pharmaceutical research company, employee attrition was reduced by providing targeted insights about individual employees, thus enabling leaders and HR to perceive risk and predict, notify, and recommend action to prevent attrition and enhance retention.



We helped a global leader in analytics and digital transformation evolve their organizational design from level-based to role-based, addressing key drivers of experience for employees across all Talent Management practices.



We assisted a global leader in payroll and HR services in evolving their HR competency model and facilitated capability enhancement for their HR Business Partners. We then went further and applied design thinking and next-generation functional competencies to impact their contribution to business performance growth.

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